Take Fridays Off… AND … Do these 3 extra things and you’ll have a work – life balance that’s enviable…


YES, YES and YES! Entrepreneurs and Leaders, DO Take Fridays off.

  • Balance that off by occasionally working on a Saturday or Sunday if your business requires it.
    EG: Tradeshows, Seminars, Workshops, or Training.


But HERE is Where the MAGIC Begin’s…
Do these 3 extra things and you’ll have a Work – Life Balance that’s Enviable…



  1. Book 2 days of the work week for “Working In” your business.
    EG: Tuesday and Thursday.


  • These days are for “Doing What ONLY YOU Can Do”.
  • Delegate the rest, and be sure to let your TEAM “Do What They Do Best”…
    (That’s why you hired them, remember?)


  1. Book the other 2 days of the work week for “Working On” your business.
    EG: Monday and Wednesday.
  • These days are for networking, conference calls, brainstorming, meetings, collaboration, and everything you need to do to grow and build your business vision.


And HERE is the BEST part…


  1. Take every Third week Off. That’s right, Take Every Third Week Off! 

    You are Your Businesses Visionary!

  • As an Entrepreneur or Leader you need to regenerate and get inspired by being in the world and creating new possibilities and opportunities.
  • Use this time to:
    • Travel, Explore, Get Lost, Get Found…
    • Learn, read and study new things that will improve yourself, and the world.
    • Meet people that you aspire to collaborate with.
    • Philanthropic Ventures: Volunteer, spend time in the nonprofit you have, or want to create.
    • Go out in the world and be greater than yourself, and give back all you have learned and generate something new, inspirational and transforming.


This blueprint is an ideal scenario for Entrepreneurs and Leaders that can work about 90% of the time if you’re flexible and open to reworking your schedule when required.

 Also this blueprint is how to attain a “work – life balance”, with a focus on the “Work” aspect of the equation. You already know what you want and need in your personal life, this just gives you more time to do that  🙂


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