We Transform People and Organizations

Culture. Leadership. Innovation.

Synergy CMC Transforms People and Organizations by developing their Extraordinary Human Potential and improving Workplace Environments.

We do this through Knowledge Transfer based on our Scientifically Validated Assessment Tools, our World Class Programs, and the Brain Trust of our Expert Global Thought Leaders and Consultants.

Our Success Principles are Culture, Leadership and Innovation as they relate to People and Business Strategies.

We customize Programs and Consulting Strategies for achieving Powerful Breakthroughs and Bottom-Line Results while maximizing outcomes of High Performing Individuals, Teams and Leaders.


40% of the Fortune 500 companies will be GONE within 10 Years


83% of Mergers & Acquisitions FAIL


66% of Employees are NOT Engaged

The world is changing at an exponential rate of speed. Your challenges are transforming the way you do business so that you will remain current and relevant in today’s market, and in the future.

We understand that your needs are changing rapidly and that you need a partner who is skilled in a multitude of disciplines and able to identify the larger, long-term issues affecting your business.

We assess your challenges and opportunities, and collectively create, execute and manage custom programs designed to achieve and sustain maximum value to your organization. From strategy to execution, our global team of Experts aligns fundamental transitions within your organization to achieve powerful breakthroughs and bottom-line results.

* We don’t hand you a playbook and leave you to ‘implement it, in your spare time’, like some large firms do.

We embody your Values and Vision while offering a forward-thinking approach based on Cultural Values, Human Potential, Leadership, and Innovation. We deliver in ways that are most meaningful and relevant for your organization so life-altering transformational change is created.

Our Goal is Your Success!

Your Success

  • Do Nothing and Expect Your Demise 0% 0%
  • Choose Change and Embrace Your Success 100% 100%

Our Specialty

Our Goal Is Your Success


Imagine a workplace culture where there’s excitement in the air, where everything is done to enhance the customer experience, where innovation thrives and teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances, where your senior team works toward a shared vision of success, and where people genuinely care for one another, feel recognized and are supported within the organization.

These are cultures where employees are able to bring their beliefs and values to work and where there’s a shared view throughout the organisation, of fostering a high-performing culture.


“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

~ Peter Drucker


Excellent Leadership fosters high performance in their people and teams with the intent of realizing mutual goals while pursuing continuous improvement and development.

We use multi-disciplinary methods with your Leadership to ensure success, by creating strategies and programs with our Experts and Thought Leaders.


“If the Leaders Don’t Change, the Culture Won’t Change”

~ Richard Barrett


Innovation generates New Revenue Sources, New ways of Thinking and Being, and Creates New Products & Services,

Innovative thinking is a crucial addition to traditional business thinking. It allows you to bring new ideas and energy to your role as leader and to solve your challenges. It also paves the way to bring more innovation into your organization.



“Innovation Distinguishes between a Leader and a Follower”

~ Steve Jobs

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Your Issues

Your Bottom-Line is Affected by One or More of these Issues:


Cultural Values

  • Diversity of Workforce (EG: Culture, or Millennials vs Baby Boomers)
  • M & A: Cultural Integration and Outplacement
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • New Hire:
    • Behavioural Assessments
    • Cognitive Assessment
    • Creation of Job Assessments
    • Cultural Integration and Onboarding
  • Employee Evolution & Retention
    • Values & Engagement
    • Identifying High Potentials
    • Coaching, Training & Evaluating
  • Lack of:
    • Engagement
    • Commitment
    • Creativity
    • Collaboration
    • Teamwork

Leadership Development

  • Slow to React
  • Backward Looking
  • Status Quo
  • Fear Based Leadership
  • Top Down Mentality
  • Stagnate Board
  • Lack of:
    • Big Picture Vision
    • Collaboration
    • Individual and Peer Mentoring
    • Executive Coaching
    • Training & Development

Strategic Innovation

  • Loss of Profit and Market Share
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Technology Advancements
  • No Dedicated Ideation Team
  • Nothing in Product Pipeline
  • Historical Data is NOT Likely to Predict Your Future
  • Changing Customer Needs and Demographics

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

To create positive change, Synergy enables the in-depth expertise of its team of highly sought-after Experts from around the globe. With this unmatched wealth of experience and knowledge, Synergy helps large organizations such as; multi-nationals, countries & states, governments, public companies, private corporations, family enterprises, not-for-profits and associations, achieve unprecedented Results in a range of industries.

  Mining & Resources
  Industrial Services
  Renewable Resources
  Health Care
  Travel & Tourism
  Luxury Goods & Services
  Food & Wine
  Fashion & Apparel
  Media & Communications

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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