Marita Fridjhon

California, USA

EXPERT: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Thought Leader, Best Selling Author, Global Trainer and Consultant, Dynamic Team Coach, Keynote Speaker.

Marita Fridjhon, is committed to finding systemic solutions for teams, communities and organizations globally as we move from the complicated to the complex. She has dedicated her life to discovering and creating tools technologies in service of the Holonic shift from ME to WE to IT.

Marita was raised in South Africa during Apartheid, Marita dedicated her career to improving the human condition through a variety of practices. With degrees and training in Clinical Social Work, Community Development, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy and Alternative Dispute Resolution she brings not only considerable knowledge but also a deep understanding of Systemic Evolution.

A pioneer in the Deep Ecology movement, she honed her unique and cutting edge approach to coaching systemic change. Marita combined her professional practice and experience in a global landscape for the creation of a model leveraging relationship systems. The practice of Relationship Systems Coaching currently is one of the most powerful models in effecting large-scale, impactful change and is practiced globally in dozens of countries including South Africa, Japan, France, Turkey, United Arab Emiratis, Spain, Britain and the U.S.

While sailing up the Amazon river in 1984 on a cross cultural research project investigating the impact of death and dying in families and communities, Marita discovered the concept of the dreaming nature of human systems. This dynamic, which underlies all human interactions, began to demand further exploration. That trip, one of many adventurous forays into human development, cemented her status as a citizen of the world.

She is CEO and Co-founder of CRR Global Inc, home of the groundbreaking ICF accredited Organization and Relationship Coaching (ORSC) training program with global partners in 18 countries. CRR Global, Inc., an ICF accredited coach training school that she co-founded, is the first to leverage a Relationship Systems approach to working with organizations, teams, families, couples and individuals. Hundreds of skilled coaches all around the globe wield the ORSC credential, taking this work into governments, non-profits and corporate entities like the U.N., The Gates Foundation, Unicef, Georgetown University, The United States House of Representatives, Cisco, Google, Salesforce, and Kaiser Permanente.

A Global citizen Marita has lead initiatives in systemic change in South Africa, the British West Indies, United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States to name some. She and the CRR Global team has trained and inspired change agents who were on the ground – and continue to be – in Egypt during the Arab Spring, Japan during Tsunami crises, Israel, Turkey and more.

Marita excels as an inspirational speaker and trainer of trainers and leaders. She has the ability to meet clients – students, leaders and audience alike – where they are. One of the strongest contributions lie in the ability to operationalize complex theories into user friendly tools and skills immediately available. Marita is in great demand at ICF, ODN, leadership and human potential summits and conferences and author of white papers about Relationship Systems Intelligence and Relationship-Systems Inspired Leadership.

She has keynoted in Malmo, Istanbul, London, Dubai, Omaha, San Francisco and Toronto, touching the professional lives of thousands of coaches around the world. The ORSC curriculum, of which she is a co-author, has been translated and delivered in many languages and in many countries: Japan, China, Spain, France, India, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, US, England, Canada, and many many more.

Empirical evidence of the value of the above informs her keynotes and workshops whether it be in the field of healthcare, banking or government.

“Marita is a wonderfully engaging teacher and inventor in professional coaching, especially in organization and systems coaching.”


  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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