Barrett Values Centre

The Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT)

Barrett Values Centre® provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organisations, and the leadership development needs of their managers and leaders.

The core products of the organisation are the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT).   The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 94 countries. The Cultural Transformation Tools are used by corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools and nations. The CTT values assessment instruments are available in over 50 languages.

Barrett Values Centre® provides assessment instruments that enable leaders to build high performance cultures.

We believe if you can measure it, you can manage it.  Our Cultural Transformation Tools® allow leaders to measure and map the cultures of organisations, schools, communities and nations.

We also believe cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders.  We offer products to help leaders, managers and supervisors monitor and manage their values and behaviours.



The Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) are powerful diagnostic instruments for supporting the growth and development of organisations, leaders, society, schools, and individuals. 

More and more leaders are recognising that their culture is the key to their success. They are devoting a significant amount of time and resources to measuring and managing their values (monitoring their cultures) by listening to the feedback from key stakeholders.

The uniqueness of CTT is that they make the invisible, visible. They allow you to measure and map the intangibles—the underlying causal factors that promote or inhibit performance.This is because CTT’s focus on values—the motivators that reflect our needs. The transformational strength of CTT lies in their ability to surface data which engenders new conversations: conversations that have never happened before. They get people talking about what is fundamentally important to them—their values, their beliefs and their fears.

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