Samantha Panter

DEI Strategist

Samantha Panter is a Two Spirited, Cultural Ambassador, Haida Womxn.

She was raised in a very atypical environment. There has always been a presence of two worlds showing up for her in all areas of her life. Sam found this to be very challenging to navigate, until she posed a question; “How can I bring harmony to my life and my wellbeing?”

Asking this question was the catalyst in creating the four Core Teachings of K’waahlgahlda. Applying these teachings to her life began to have a very positive influence on her Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual wellbeing. This started healing not only her life, but also close friends, and family. Sam knew she needed to share Sgwaansing K’uuga (Heart First)*.

Cultural Ambassador’s Role Within Your Organization:
To provide guidance and support navigating the minefields surrounding workplace friction and allows for greater understanding in harmony moving forward. This will allow your company to set a higher standard when enacting new policies. No one wants to touch an emotionally charged situation especially when it comes to discussing race or LGBTQ+. This is for fear of the backlash from reacting wrongly or insensitively. Therefore silence and inaction contributes to the divide and inequity from workplace to communities.

Xaaydas giinaa.ah ad uu hll xaaynang.nga ga, dang gyaaga giinaa.ah uu king da ga

* “Haida culture I am living, showing you your culture to see”

*Language translated by the Elders of HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil K'aalang(SHIP Skidegate Haida Immersion Program Xaayda Kil glossary) the Southern dialect of the Haida language, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii

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