Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD

“Dr. Dorothy”

Connecticut, USA

EXPERT: Psychodynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Wholistic Health, Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Leadership, Executive Coaching, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach,  

Dr. Dorothy is a PhD, keynote speaker, author, mentor/coach and frequent TV and radio guest has been featured in numerous magazines such as Huffington Post and the New York Times.

In her career Dorothy has founded four companies, both in for-profit and non-profit. She also has experience on a variety of boards, and is currently President of the National Speakers Association- CT and on the board of ewomennetwork, CT.

It was as a child from an orphanage, adopted and raised in the housing projects of Boston, MA, that Dorothy learned the need for personal leadership based on a vision of what she wanted to experience and who she wanted to become. Her personal choices created a life beyond her imagination. The realization of the power personal leadership provided precipitated a desire for leadership in business.

Becoming an entrepreneur, she learned the necessity of developing leadership skills if her businesses were to succeed.  As a psychotherapist for 25 yrs. a graduate faculty member, a Clinical Instructor in medical school, and the founder of two Institutes, she came to develop her own system of leadership training around The Five Archetypes of Leadership.

Having a strong cohesive team, the courage to make bold decisions, authenticity, respect, and the skill needed to develop leaders throughout the organization, requires a fully self-aware and developed leadership style.  As more women come into leadership positions a greater regard for these varying styles, fears, values, and processes make leadership an ever-evolving skill. Dr. Dorothy’s experience with those leaders has made the transition far simpler and even enjoyable.

“Thank you Dr. Dorothy for sharing your gifts with me and with so many others. If they don’t know it yet, they will figure out how lucky they are to have you in their lives. I am inspired by you.”


  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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