Mentoring Trifecta!

The Organization, the Mentee & the Mentor… to a create perfect match is no easy feat!
But when it happens, you know it… because sparks fly!

Being an Entrepreneur is, by definition, is a journey into the unknown. Having someone to guide you who has years of experience and knowledge can be a lifesaver in uncharted waters.

Being a Mentor can be the biggest thrill. You get energized by their enthusiasm, limitless possibilities and innovative ideas.

Being the Organization making the matches, must be like being a Maestro, hoping all the talent you have pulled together to create an exceptional orchestra will actually create beautiful music.

And when all three come together.. you have hit the sweet spot!


A  Big Thank You to  Coast Capital Venture Connection @ SFU for making a great mentoring match with the amazing crew at FrontRvnners Streetwear Collection.

@JoshuaJackai, @BukNkosi, @AtifSaad, @BruceNgo
#Frontrvnners, #SFUVC, #SynergyCMC
@FrontRvnners, @SFUVC

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