Are You Hiding Out?

A quote by Seth Godin

Don’t finalize the logo before you come up with a business plan that works.

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your vacation policy before you have a product that people actually want to buy.

There are endless small details to get right before you have something that you’re truly proud of. No doubt about it. But there are frightening and huge holes in any bridge to the future, and until you figure out how to get across, I’m not sure it matters if you have a typo on page 4.

Hiding takes many forms. Inappropriate attention to detail is a big one, because it feels like a responsible thing to do.

By all means, get it right. Get it right the first time. Successful makers of change embrace the hierarchy of importance, though, and refuse to engage with a fight about right when it’s vitally important to focus on important instead.


  • You have Hope, Desire, and Enthusiasm, but is FEAR holding you back?
  • Are you accountable for your Leadership and the Success in your Business?
  • You need Support and Structure to get you on track and bring it all together.

If you answered YES to these questions, it’s time to consider having an Executive Coach.


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