10 Insightful Findings from People Management Survey 2018

In this report you will learn about 10 areas that are of great importance to your employees and the success of your business.

Quick Overview of the Findings:

  • Finding #1: Bad managers are self-centered but not self-aware.
  • Finding #2: Great managers are both passionate and compassionate.
  • Finding #3: Managers have an outsized impact on their employees’ work experiences.
  • Finding #4: There are more good managers than bad ones.
  • Finding #5: Men and women match up evenly as managers.
  • Finding #6: Gen Y (aka Millennials) more than hold their ground as people managers.
  • Finding #7: The importance of feedback is massive.
  • Finding #8: Being respected AND liked are important to managers’ ratings.
  • Finding #9: The prevalence of certain traits varies between industries.
  • Finding #10: Delegation, hiring, and communication are on people managers’ minds.

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