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Synergy CMC can help your organization with development on all levels. From the very beginning stages of determining which type of non-profit is best suited to your organization (registered or non-registered), to the finite details of structure, plans, strategies and implementation.

A mission, vision, and a plan are essential to a non-profit, but its capacity to achieve its goals is a function of effective Organizational Development.

Best Practice for Non Profit Organizational Development:

Board of Directors/Governance
Human Resources Management
Financial Management
Strategic Planning
Outcomes and Quality Improvement
Information Technology Management


A non-profit starts with a Board of Directors, be it a Working Boards, that is all volunteer (with no paid staff), or an Advisory Boards, with paid staff and volunteers.

Synergy CMC will develop a non-profit board from the ground up to suit your organizational needs or provide you with qualified board members who have been screened and are appropriately suited to your cause with a skill set matching your matrix.
We can also work with existing Board to finesse it into what the organization needs, without displacing valuable assets. This can be done with our ala carte offerings below.

A la carte services include:
Board Development
Board Matrix
Board Job Descriptions
Board Manuals
Board Evaluations


The Executive Director is the key role in making an organization move forward in its mission.
In an organization with an Advisory Board, the Executive Director is the bridge between the Directors and staff (and/or volunteers), ensuring all moving parts are coordinated, delegated and completed, as per the Boards’ mandate.
In an organization with a Working Board, there are likely one of two situations happening:
1. There is no Executive Director, and it falls to the Directors and/or volunteers to fulfill the mandates that they have set out.
2. There is an overworked Executive Director that needs skilled help to fulfill the mandates that they have set out.

Synergy CMC offers Virtual Executive Director services for non-profits who have not yet employed their first staff member and need help filling the workload gaps, or for those organizations whose bylaws prohibit paid staff. This can be a transitional, short or long term contract.
Our team of Virtual Executive Directors will work with your Board to produce deliverables for your cause, on an a la carte basis. You pay only for what you need, when you need it.

A la carte services include:
Operational Planning and Management
Program Planning and Management
Human Resources Planning and Management
Financial Planning and Management
Community Relations/Advocacy
Risk Management



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