A Mind-Expanding Day with Duncan Wardle, former VP of Disney Innovation & Creativity.

One of the latest buzzwords in business is “Innovation”. But what does it really take to be an Innovative Company?

We know for sure it’s NOT just pasting the word “Innovation” on a hat,  t-shirt or company slogan in your marketing campaign.

Innovation takes true collaboration of your team, from the C-suite to frontline workers. No barriers, no judging, no retribution… no bad ideas…

We were pleased to spend the day with Duncan Wardle, former VP of Disney Innovation & Creativity in a one-day workshop hosted by the Skidmore Group.

In this highly creative workshop, we learned the basics of how to Ideate with expensive thinking through a myriad of behaviours and customized tools that Duncan has curated. With the use of hand-drawn characters like “Archie”, Duncan demonstrates visually each step of the process, which is accompanied by kinetic and auditory methods, so that every learning modality is used.

Duncan shows you how you release your INNER-GENIUS and guides you through a series of well thought out matrixes to validate and move forward with your ideas. There is nothing stopping you once you get the hang of it!


Don’t wait for Disruption to find you… Get in front of it by encouraging Innovation in your organization 

Are you serious about Innovation? Do you want your team to think Creatively?

Disruption is not your Enemy… BRING IT ON!

Find out how to get Duncan to customize a workshop for your organization.

*Limited Bookings available for 2018. Commit to your space now.


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