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Synergy CMC is a bespoke Management Consulting agency that specialises in Transformational Change in Large global organization and operates much like a “speaker’s bureau”, in that we have a selection of “All Star – World Class Thought Leaders” that we engage to support our client’s needs for “Transformational Change”.

We are looking for Experts to join our international team of Consultants. Enjoy the benefits of a new revenue stream with our targeted audience, inclusion in our magazines, sales of your products and exposure for your programs, workshops, retreats and events.


  • Global Following as an Industry Expert
  • Best Selling Author of Business Books
  • KeyNote Speaker (EG: TedTalk)
  • Unique Program Teaching your Business Philosophy


If this sounds like you, and your interested in leveraging your knowledge and expertise for greater exposure, then please schedule a call with our President and CEO Connie Ekelund.


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Industry: Business Management Consulting

Work with an Industry Leader in Management Consulting!

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Synergy CMC is expanding their network of Associates and is looking for expert Business Development Consultants in the area of Business Management Consulting.

Work with our team to bring the “Best in Class” products and services to your clients base.

Business Development Consultant

The Consultant will have an established network of clients that they have cultivated, and they would like to have more product and service offerings to enhance the economic benefits of your business relationships.

  • This is a Contract position, not an offer of employment.
  • The Consultant must be an Independent Business Consultant with their own business.
  • The Consultant must have their own database of Clients consisting of “C-Suite and HR Executives”.
  • The Consultant must have a certain Client Size: Mid – Large sized Organizations 50 – 5000 employees, as well as Enterprise 5000+.
  • Business Development (Sales) is a critical factor for this role as quotas are in place, and is a 100% commission based contract.
  • The Consultant must be comfortable Presenting and Facilitating to groups of 20 – 30 people.
  • Product Knowledge Training will be provided.  
  • Must have excellent native verbal and written communication skills (English).


About Synergy CMC:

Synergy CMC is a bespoke Management Consulting agency that specializes in Transformational Change through Values Based Leadership in Large sized organizations, globally.

Our Associate Consultants and Facilitators are Certified in world-class Leadership and Change Management processes and utilize every tool at their disposal to meet and exceed the unique needs of each individual client.

Our Experts are among some of the world’s foremost Thought Leaders, and collectively have worked with thousands of organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, in multiple languages, generating Transformational Change.

Synergy uses scientifically validated (Industrial Organizational Psychology) analytical tools, that focus on Human Behaviour and Culture. Specifically, we are Certified Partners in The Predictive Index and Barrett Values Cultural Transformation Tools.

If the statements below sound like correct, then you’re the right fit.

The position requires big picture thinking and initiative to quickly identify problems and generate innovative solutions that accomplish critical organizational objectives. A sense of urgency and competitive drive, the willingness to take risk, make quick decisions in response to changing conditions and take responsibility for the results of those decisions is essential.

The contract environment is flexible to allow for maximum creativity and autonomy in response to constantly changing conditions. Initiatives must be self-generated, without need for time consuming approvals and processes. A positive response to fast pace and pressure, the motivation and desire to act independently and confidently, to go beyond existing organizational routines, is critical to successful contract performance. The achievement of results in this contract requires engaging the cooperation of others. A poised, extroverted communication style that, depending on the situation, can be either authoritative or persuasive is necessary.

Based on the goal and other situational factors such as time and information, this contract also requires a flexible leadership style, the ability to motivate, educate, persuade others, and build consensus or to direct others with assurance and conviction. Effective leadership of others is critical to contract success. Because the accomplishment of goals is most often urgent, and the activities are varied, the contract requires a comfort level with actively addressing both technical and people problems.

It is expected that whatever initiatives are necessary to deal with problems will be designed and implemented quickly. Any detailed routines or repetitive activities should be delegated, but quality of results should be assured through appropriate follow up. High standards for results for the business are set. Management provides ample opportunity for learning on the contract and recognizes and rewards performance results.


Pace and Variety of Activities

  • Sense of urgency for achievement of goals
  • Fast paced environment.
  • Priorities continually change.
  • Multiple, simultaneous activities.


  • Accomplishment of business results.
  • Innovative problem solving.
  • Both technical and people focus.
  • Assure cooperation and commitment of others to achieve results.
  • Decision Making.
  • Problem solving orientation.
  • Risk taking.
  • Authoritative or diplomatic and persuasive, as required.
  • Independent decision making to allow for quick response.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Confident, poised, extroverted.
  • Able to adapt communication style to situation.
  • Range in communication style, including telling and selling.
  • Engage commitment of others.
  • Engender confidence and collaboration quickly to achieve results.

Delegation and Leadership Style

  • Leadership, confidence and skill.
  • Range in leadership style, both authoritative and persuasive, as required.
  • Active delegation of responsibilities, with follow up on results.


If you meet the above criteria for this contract opportunity, please send your current resume with references HERE

IT Genius AND Marketing Guru

Contract Management Opportunity – Global

You’re Beyond TALENTED, have a Burning DESIRE, and are HUNGRY for an opportunity to grow a global business, but you don’t have a product…

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IT Genius AND Marketing Guru” all in one.

Contract Management Opportunity – Global

Industry: Business Transformational Leadership and Development

You’re Beyond TALENTED, have a Burning DESIRE, and are HUNGRY for an opportunity to grow a global business, but you don’t have a product… You’re looking for a Visionary to help you put it all together with their team of Experts to deliver Outstanding Products to Raving Fans.

This contract allows you to work from wherever you are in the world. You MUST have excellent verbal and written communication skills (Native English).

Ideal: Looking for Experienced IT Genius with Brilliance as a Marketing Guru.

You absolutely understand software and likely have written apps to improve workflow. You’re area of interest for your work is Marketing. You “Get” how today’s Marketing environment works and you’re a master of the IoT.

Some of the processes could be:

  • Automate Marketing processes.
  • Create apps or use Twilo or Zaps to streamline communications.
  • Innovating and updating the Website and Social Media platforms to be state of the art and Be-a-u-ti-ful.
  • Build out Youtube to maximize exposure.
  • Generating forms and payment processing pages.
  • Innovate collaborative platforms for members and subscribers.

You’re an early adopter, and you’ll be keeping us at the leading edge of technology. You may even want to create some products we can market through our networks… We’re always open to new ideas!

If you qualify for this contract opportunity, please send your current resume with references HERE

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