Brad Szollose

New York, USA

EXPERT: Millennial Expert, Award-Winning Business Author, TedX Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Former C-Level Exec of a Public Company,  Business Advisor.

Brad Szollose is a global business advisor, former C-Level Executive of a public company, Web pioneer, Generation Y Millennial expert and keynote speaker who helps smart companies — like Dell and Master Card — understand how much technology has transformed corporate culture and behavior…especially the behavior of Generation Y, and how that impacts management, interaction and expectations in today’s Information Age.

Mr. Szollose is a former C-Level Dot Com Executive who went from entrepreneur to IPO in 3 yrs—co-founding K2 Design, the very first Dot Com Agency to go public on NASDAQ. His company experienced 425% hyper-growth for 5 straight years, expanded from 2 business partners to 4 with 60+ employees and offices worldwide. At its height, K2 was valuated at over $26 million.

Brad’s keynotes and workshops are highly interactive, heart-warming, humorous and thought provoking… and filled with high-content information that challenge assumptions and help leaders and managers create a better work environment for innovation to thrive.

Brad is the *award-winning author of the international bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia which explores the subject of new leadership styles — mainly how to get the tech-savvy Generation Y and analog driven Baby Boomers working together.

Brad also writes a monthly column on business and marketing techniques that reach Generation Y for A Captured Mind newsletter and is part of The Mind Capture Group faculty. Today, Brad helps businesses close the Generational Divide by understanding it as a Cultural Divide – created by the new tech-savvy worker…and customer.

“Brad Szollose’s Liquid Leadership is enlightening! Managing in today’s environment is not about clinging to a cookbook of best practices, but about developing an environment that drives consistent innovation and change. Brad nails it!

  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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