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British Columbia, Canada

EXPERT: Branding, Facilitator, Team Builder.

David Childs is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker whose undeniable honesty breathes fresh life into business. He has a unique talent for commanding a room and challenging people to reach beyond what they do identify who they are.

Since founding the brand strategy agency Living Blueprint a decade ago, David has provided guidance to clients such as Iridia Medical, Pacific Coastal Airlines, AXYS Technologies, and the University of British Columbia, leading them through the process of uncovering their true value.

David’s ability to guide companies to success is derived from a collection of diverse experiences, including touring as a professional musician with a charttopping band from Malaysia. His performing background is the foundation of his ability to connect with people — whether it’s an audience of 2,000 or a workshop of 15 — and his deep personal engagement in every project is a key contributor to the lasting impact of his work.

Although he’s always had a passion for speaking, David opted to build Living Blueprint’s portfolio until he was armed with the credibility and life-tested results necessary to reinforce his insights. The wait paid off, and David is gaining recognition for his charismatic, honest, and entertaining delivery of personal experiences, case studies, and unique insights.

Committed to providing the most value to every audience, David tailors his approach for each engagement to ensure that listeners are presented with information that is relevant to them and that everyone in the room feels comfortable and respected.

The Leotartist’ Spontaneity is one of the key elements of David’s fresh voice — he understands that much of a speaker’s value lies in their ability to improvise when things don’t go perfectly.

At Living Blueprint, David works closely with clients, using his objective perspective to identify potential areas of growth/improvement and provide insights that illicit positive change and transformation.

Speaking Engagements

  • Branding More Than Just a Logo
  • Branding: What the /*# am I missing?
  • Building & Maintaining a Remarkable Brand
  • Turn Your Brand Into a Monster


  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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