Colleen Fitzpatrick

Consultant & Associate Partner

Colleen has worked with large corporations, family businesses and entrepreneurs for over 35 years helping them build capacity, economic sustainability and strategic growth.

As a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Colleen excels in sales and marketing as a leader and coach. Winning several awards for sales and leadership, Colleen inspires others and leverages relationships to bring successful teams together.

Her enthusiasm facilitates communication in a way that leaves all parties engaged and enrolled. Her ability to work with clients across continents and cultures is her strong suit.

Colleen is a strategic thinker and has an approach that excites and inspires. She works best in fast-paced and changing environments and brings a new perspective to traditional practices. She holds a Certificate in Business Management from Dalhousie University and is a lifelong learner, continually seeking new opportunities to grow.

Her niche has been offering enterprise solutions in information technology and knowledge management to Fortune 500 companies.


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