Colin Grindle

Vice President & Partner

Colin Grindle, is a respected CEO, Board President, Keynote Speaker, and Vice President & Partner with Synergy CMC. He has over 25 years business experience in the industrial sector, from hands-on with  front-line negotiations in the mining industry, to leading teams of hundreds of workers, managers and leaders across Canada.

As an entrepreneur himself, Colin possesses true grit of character, he understands and excels in developing structures, processes, and the implementation of due diligence. His communication and people skills are very strong and support his work in developing corporate culture and leadership training within organizations. Additionally, Colin is a powerful strategic business development and marketing guru, leading sales teams to set and achieve their goals. Colin’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that offer the greatest opportunities for growth.

Colin continues to be the Principle of his consulting firm AMRAK, touching on a variety of areas within the industrial sector, which include; oil and gas, mining, deep foundations, aggregate crushing equipment, heavy civil, and environmental remediation, to name a few.

As a passionate mentor and coach, Colin uses his innate leadership ability to guide others through uncharted territory to success. In the past he was the President of a not for profit organization and a Board Chair of a Junior Exploration company. Additionally, Colin has volunteered with Hockey Canada and coached a Senior AA Semi Pro Hockey Team.


Colin is married with three children, all of which he’s proud to say, have started their own professional careers.


  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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