Brian Mustard

Associate Partner / PI Ambassador

Brian Mustard, is a versatile and analytical executive equipped with extensive project management and business process experience in diverse industries. An effective leader with a strong ability to present complex solutions clearly and has a proven track record of implementing modern technologies and methods into traditional business models.

Brian has experience applying exceptional service and solutions in the industry over the last 23+years and believes that if you are seeking to Grow or Transition in business…we are living in THE MOST exciting time in history.

Brian was the Founder and CEO of PMT Industrial Group Ltd., one of the fastest growing industrial service companies in the energy sector, in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Though implementing LEAN and Agile into the bedrock of the organization he knows the challenges to build an efficient organization in high barrier to entry disruptive environments.

Understanding the struggles of competitive shifting markets, Brian has an extreme passion to provide support for business owners and organizations to navigate uncharted waters to help achieve reliable effectiveness and help attain their value potential.

Brian started LEAP CEO Ltd. to assist organizations to be “Deal” ready by applying the best-of-best practices to help prepare for: Raising Growth Capital, Preparing for M&A, or positioning the organization for early exit transitions.



  • Executive C-Suite Coach
  • LEAN-Agile Integrator
  • Growth Acquisition & Exit Facilitator
  • ISO Certified Professional Mentor
  • Six Sigma LEAN Black Belt
  • Kaizen Facilitator


  • Ready to start a conversation about achieving breakthrough results?

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