Nothing Less Than Perfect Synergy, as Two VP/Partners Join the Team

Michela Quilici


Colin Grindle


Synergy CMC welcomes two new Vice Presidents/Partners to the Management Consulting firms roster of global Experts and Thought Leaders.

Synergy CMC welcomes two new Vice Presidents/Partners to the Management Consulting firms roster of global Experts and Thought Leaders. Michela Quilici and Colin Grindle are Consultants and Certified Practitioners in the Predictive Index. They bring with them an invaluable suite of skills and experience that will be beneficial in the corporate world of Human Potential and Leadership Development.

The company’s president Connie Ekelund said, “The addition of these two A List players is a huge WIN for Synergy CMC. Their skills and fresh outlook is exactly what’s needed in the corporate arena, especially in today’s disruptive and changing world.”

Michela is a respected business consultant, coach, facilitator and mentor. She brings 17 years of business experience working with some of Canada’s fastest growing entrepreneurial-minded companies (as named by Profit 100 Magazine. Her contributions have also led to the reduction of friction between executives and teams, so they can communicate more effectively to increase productivity, efficiency and outcomes within their organization. She has dedicated her life to the study of leading oneself to better inspire, motivate and influence others and to that end she has a deep understanding of psychology, human behaviour, brain science, spirituality and metaphysics. She works with the human being within the business model and has in depth knowledge of both systems. She believes this holistic approach is what enables people within organizations to be successful, and that we cannot look at the business model as a silo without looking at the human and how they are ‘being’ within that model.

Colin Grindle, is an esteemed CEO, Board President, and Keynote Speaker specializing in the Industrial Sector. Colin possesses true grit of character, understanding and excelling in developing structures, processes, and the implementation of due diligence. His communication and people skills are very strong and support his work in developing corporate culture and leadership training within organizations. Additionally, Colin is a powerful strategic business development and marketing guru, leading sales teams to set and achieve their goals. Colin’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that offer the greatest opportunities for growth.

Ekelund goes on to say, “With Michela and Colin being key influencers in steering Synergy CMC, we are certain to see tremendous opportunities and endless possibilities, as both have their eyes on the future and generating transformational change in organizations for a more sustainable world.”


Synergy CMC is a bespoke management consulting agency that specializes in Transformational Change through Values Based Leadership in mid, large and enterprise sized organizations, globally. Synergy CMC is a niche business focusing on transforms Executives, Entrepreneurs and Boards of organizations by developing their Extraordinary Human Potential through our core principles of Culture, Leadership, and Innovation.

They do this is by using scientifically validated Assessment Tools and the Brain Trust of their Global Experts. Their niche is customizing Programs and Consulting Strategies for achieving Powerful Breakthroughs and Bottom-Line Results maximizing outcomes of High Performing Individuals, Teams and Leaders.

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