Empowering people and organizations to create extraordinary, breakthrough results!

We thrive on working with forward thinking leaders and their people to create exciting, powerful breakthroughs in performance and bottom-line results. Our unique transformational approach is specifically designed to generate high performance work environments – where each employee’s innate passion, purpose and creativity are naturally unleashed towards the rapid accomplishment of the organization’s most important business outcomes.

Corporations, small and mid-size businesses, educational, governmental, and healthcare agencies and non-profit organizations alike enthusiastically report greater empowerment, engagement and measurable leaps in workplace productivity, as a result of their participation in our work.

We offer transformational coaching and training  that creates a range of generative educational programs and consulting technologies to forward thinking organizational leaders.

Generative education is a learning process that is derived from the native creativity and intelligence of the participants themselves. This kind of learning is profoundly empowering and fulfilling – in many cases, even life-altering. Ultimately, it gives rise to the awareness of a new paradigm of non-linear, creative principles and practices, which lead naturally to an entirely new way of being and the ability to intentionally cause new realities.



Utilizing The Extraordinary Technology of Being™, we coach leaders and their teams in developing work cultures and leadership styles that release their people’s natural creativity and greatly enhance overall organizational intelligence.

Over the past 25 years, we have developed a simple yet unusually effective approach to business consulting. We’ve evolved an entirely new technology for transforming the effectiveness and productivity of organizations of all kinds. We call this approach The Extraordinary Technology of Being™.

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